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Wine "card" on the driver to drive on the road in the night. The police arrested as everyone knows, driving a motor vehicle, shall obtain the corresponding motor vehicle driving license in accordance with the law, or the insurance company out of trouble, but not lose. There are very few people who can think, "daredevil" out of trouble, take chances to do illegal things. This is not, during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Hubei, Anlu police conducted a night of continuous inspection, it was investigated with drunk driving and driving and driving license specified in the quasi driving vehicles do not meet the serious traffic violations. Currently, the Anlu police have been in accordance with the law, the fat bile driver Dongmou two serious traffic violations and impose administrative detention for seven days. In late September 16th 8, the City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade is carried out to check drunk driving unified action. The police on duty at the procuratorate Jiefang Avenue in front of the road, found a look older black car through a checkpoint hesitated, police immediately signaled the car to pull over for inspection. The inspection, the driver Dongmou claiming to have a driver’s license, but did not carry, the police also found that the driver of a car, also exudes a breath, so the driver Dongmou blowing type alcohol test. After testing, the driver Dongmou body alcohol content of up to 65mg 100ml, belonging to drink driving motor vehicles, police on duty immediately after the driver Dongmou brought to the brigade office to verify their identity. After online inquiry, the driver Dongmou only made a motor vehicle driver’s license D card, has not yet obtained a small car driver’s license C card. When the police told Dong D card can not drive the car, Dongmou said they are open three years did not have worked out, although the drink but does not interfere with driving, and his driver’s license is C1 three test subjects, the time will be able to get a driver’s license, occasionally open the car will happen the police want a lighter punishment. The police the driver Dongmou is extremely weak legal consciousness behavior was severely criticized and educated, from two aspects of legal and accident cases will be serious harm caused by drunk driving, driving with the patience to explain it. Dongmou this was aware of the seriousness of the problem, said he was willing to cooperate with the police to accept punishment, no longer hold the chance to do something illegal. According to the police in accordance with the law of the driver of the two serious traffic violations Dongmou impose a fine of $2200, driver’s license record 24 points, and impose administrative detention for seven days of punishment. Scan code attention [Chu Xiaogan], get more new information!相关的主题文章: