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Winter eat wolfberry Tonifying Kidney Qi – Health Channel – original title: Winter eating wolfberry Tonifying Kidney Qi Tang Runzhou a Kaiyuan Temple, the temple has a well, many have long wolfberry well, high one or two feet, its root. The stout, the temple people drink this water, everyone florid faced to 80 years old and head off, white teeth. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi for "a poem:" wolfberry wells sengfang in cold medicine tree wells, wells spring medicine spirit. Cui Dai Ye Sheng, son of cooked red stone cage? As copper bottle. Zhifan this is a fairy Zhang, old root can become a Swiss dog shaped. The top grade function of nectar taste, also know a spoon can be yanling. Since ancient times, often eat wolfberry and many examples of physical longevity. According to legend, Penglai county south hill village families with Chinese wolfberry, people in the village of longevity, lived 100 years old have a dozen, the emperor learned that the matter sent plaque, called the village as "longevity village". Excerpts from the "Chinese wolfberry legend" the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in charge of pharmacist Feng Shiyin comments: medlar used in medicine has three thousand years of history, "Book of Songs" said: "in the bud of qi." Ningxia wolfberry fame is not small, and Changbai Mountain ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum and Dong’e Qiongzhen gelatin and known as the Chinese medicine sibao. Winter cold, kidney is at that time. The medlar liver, kidney, eat the fruit of Chinese wolfberry good kidney qi, nourishing qi, nourishing blood, tonifying eyesight, anti-aging. Available medlar and fresh yam congee, with Qi Nourishing, nourishing the liver and kidney function, lung deficiency cough is a good food, can also be used wolfberry and chrysanthemum tea drink together, can Liver eyesight, delay skin aging, suitable for long-term sedentary office workers. It is important to note that Chinese wolfberry warm the body effect is very strong, there is inflammation of the body, have a fever, cold and damp heat in Yin deficiency people should not take; suffering from hypertension, temperament too impatient person, or daily intake a large number of meat surface and the glow is best not to eat; health without nourishing. Do not eat the fruit of Chinese wolfberry. Medlar eat too much can cause eye swelling, blurred vision; wolfberry fruit with high sugar content, diabetic patients should be used with caution. (right: Xu Xinyi Juan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: