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Woman 11 years head sarcoma grew larger in cap cover 19 years all the year round dutui girls suffering from osteosarcoma to systemic organ donors after death after the 5 month operation, Jinzhou District, Chen Hong (a pseudonym) never felt so good, she looked forward to the hair grow faster, can brush a hair. A new hairstyle. Because the hat almost her these 11 years, can finally remove the huge head! Subcutaneous tumor growth 11 years Chen Hong 59 year old, 11 years ago, she inadvertently found the head of a tumor, the tumor was only the size of a coin, Chen Hong not to regard it as right. But did not expect that, after the time, the tumor in a slow and sustained state has been growing up. To this year, the tumor has grown into a diameter of 11 cm and 5 cm high big meatball. This 11 years, Chen Hong heads the ball very distressed. With the ball gradually grew up, Chen Hong needs more thought to block it. From the beginning of the hair can be more fluffy hair cover, and later must be very hot hair to cover. And in the past 11 years, Chen Hong almost never left the hat, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, she had to wear a hat to go out, the family also saved a pile of hats. Although very convenient, but the ball has not hurt does not itch, no doctor Chen Hong determined to take it off. Until this year, the ball began to have numbness, oppression and obvious sense of falling inflation, also have a headache and dizziness feeling. Especially in the head shaking, it will obviously feel the inconvenience it brings. More importantly, Chen Hong because of the ball the psychological pressure has been great, the people are not happy, let the family is very worried. So, one family finally decided to take off the head of the ball. No longer have to cut off the summer sarcoma wearing a hat at the end of May this year, Chen Hong accompanied by family members, went to a hospital in Dalian. Doctor Wan Xiaonan accepted her, was this huge head was shocked: "did not think this thing can grow so big, very rare." Ten thousand doctors immediately Chen Hong admitted to hospital. After admission, after the examination, the surgical plan was cut off after the success of tumor suture were discussed for long time. Experts in conjunction with hand and foot surgery experts discussed, everyone is worried about the scalp with relatively thin, and cut off such a large area of the scalp flap need to suture the scalp, whether to establish a good blood supply system for regeneration…… Although the operation has a certain risk, but Dr. Wan Xiaonan said, looking at Chen Hong to the ball and dispirited spirit, the experts reached a consensus or, this operation must be done, and to do beautiful, let Chen Hong to re-establish confidence in life. In June 6th, Chen Hong’s operation as scheduled, in 1 hours, the doctors take the beauty of the skin flap selection, incision suture and treatment, will take the perfect ball. After closure, the head of Chen Hong only a linear suture, soon grow out of the hair will be over the line. Recently, after finishing the last review and get good results Chen Hong smiled. Family members said that since the cut off the meat"相关的主题文章: