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Women do not drink tea during these periods in some special period, it is best not to drink tea. Menstruation: menstrual blood contain relatively high levels of hemoglobin, plasma protein and hemoglobin, so women after menstruation will drain a large number of iron, iron supplementation should be more. The tea contains more than 30% tannic acid, it in the intestinal tract with iron ion binding, precipitation, absorption of iron ion prevents intestinal mucosa. Pregnancy: tea contains more caffeine, tea, tea, exacerbated by the heart rate, increase the blood flow of the kidney, increasing the burden on the heart and kidney of pregnant women, is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus. During the parturient period: this tea, because caffeine induced heart palpitations, insomnia caused by maternal physical decline, mental fatigue, cause dystocia. Lactation: Tea tannic acid in the gastric mucosa was absorbed into the blood circulation, will inhibit the secretion of breast milk secretion, causing disorder. In addition, caffeine in milk into the baby’s body, will make the baby intestinal spasm. Menopause: after the age of 45, women began to enter the menopause, the mood is not stable, more likely to drink after the impulse, and sometimes appear fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, dysmenorrhea and other phenomena. Since women are not suitable for tea in a special period, may wish to use strong tea gargle, there will be unexpected results. Pregnancy pregnant women to calcium deficiency, this time with tea mouthwash can effectively prevent dental caries. Menopause is easy to have different degrees of loose teeth, gargle with tea can prevent periodontitis. The specific method is: take 5 grams of high-quality tea, tea with 40 ml of boiling water for 30 minutes, and then divided into early, middle and late three times gargle, brewing water temperature to 80-90 degrees is appropriate. (Hua Mulan)相关的主题文章: