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Wuhan students use electronic business platform to sell agricultural products with annual sales of over 4 million during the university to sell jerseys, run classes, part-time for himself and two younger brother school, graduated from Wuhan University of Science and Technology in November 2013 Junbing section of Sichuan ya to start a shop business, home of agricultural products. Last year, the Department of the shop selling about fifty thousand pounds of handmade sweet potato powder, annual sales of more than $4 million. Arts and crafts sales of agricultural products Junbing steering failure section was born in Junlian County of Yibin City, Sichuan Province, a remote village, parents rely on farming for a Junbing three brother reading. In 2008, Junbing segment with a score of 619 was admitted to Wuhan University of science and Technology Institute of civil engineering construction. That was the summer when his father died unexpectedly. During the period of University, Junbing sold Jersey, started a cram school, has also set up a team of 250 people reported the sale of the legion". He got through his part-time job and went to college, and two younger brothers went to high school. After graduating from college, some Junbing had borrowed 200 thousand yuan to open shop business, arts and crafts. However, due to lack of experience, the loss of nearly 300 thousand yuan. "Later found agricultural products dry cargo and easy to save, and people pay more and more attention to food safety. I was born in rural areas, but also familiar with the local specialty." Duan Junbing eventually locked in the direction of the agricultural business electricity supplier. In November 1, 2013, Duan Junbing opened the Taobao shop in Chengdu, sales area of Sichuan specialty agricultural products and farm hand dry cargo. Last year alone sold about fifty thousand pounds of handmade sweet potato powder, with annual sales of more than 4 million. He also registered a trademark for the product. Although the name "awkward but apropo. Shop is to do agricultural products, I also come from the mountains of rural." At present, some Junbing are waiting for the arrival of the peak season sales of agricultural and sideline products. According to his estimates, in November, two months in December, his store’s monthly sales will exceed one million yuan. Will open the home market sales of chicken home business to open shop, it seems good, but difficult. Duan Junbing told the Yangtze Daily reporter exclaimed, as the electricity supplier of agricultural products need a lot of money for the stockpile to ensure the supply of rural, secondly it is difficult to find the appropriate operating personnel. In April 2014, as demand dried red dates walnut class. However, due to the quality of goods sent by the supply of goods is not up to standard, the shop was out of stock, just a few days lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Duan Junbing decided to buy agricultural products in rural areas, in the forefront of good quality. Shop sales of the largest single product for sweet potato powder, in order to control the quality of the source, the Department also regularly organize staff to visit the farmers home. The home of the mountains suitable for planting sweet potatoes, farmers can not produce sweet potato." By visiting Junbing and hundreds of households have long reached a purchase agreement, not only to solve the supply problem, farmers’ income can be guaranteed. At present, some Junbing is pondering over stocking chicken home business, plans to help farmers set up cooperatives, the use of electronic business platform will open the chicken sales. Duan Junbing told reporters that he will set up branch offices in Yibin, the hometown of high-quality health products sold. The difficulty of operating agricultural electricity supplier is getting bigger and bigger." Duan Junbing said that the management of agricultural products, the product is the core, must not be shoddy, the Y相关的主题文章: