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Xie Xinying broke up with her fiance’s family found female underwear Xie Xinying broke up with her fiance Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Xie Xinying and boyfriend outside the seven years between Liang Shihua, the original will be married in December 25th November 10th, but no warning shout card, dropped a bomb, the original foreign explained that two different values, going to a friend, did not expect that now broke a suspected capture man derailed, will make this coming to fruition love ended. According to Taiwan media reports, Xie Xinying 5 suddenly to the home of Liang Shihua, found that not all of her underwear, the man also admitted that he did the wrong thing. In fact, as early as 2014, Xie Xinying has promised to marry Liang Shihua, the wedding has already taken 10 days, but in the face book said he made the most difficult and important decisions, "I and Leung because of the different values of each other, after discussion has prepared agreement to stop the wedding. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but please don’t worry about me, I’m fine, thanks to Mr. Liang these years for this relationship efforts." Liang Shihua also responded in the face book: "I will be very good, will not lose to you, these days thank you." (ETtoday) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: