Yancheng, a male road central openly smashed 3 cars, the driver abandoned the car to leave (video)-sunny came home

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A man in Yancheng Central Road openly hit 3 car driver abandoned the vehicle from September 22nd at 9 o’clock, the central street in downtown Yancheng, a young man made a crazy move: he topless, climb the passing cars, then by foot kick way, break the front windshield of a few the car, and even pulled out of the door. Modern Express reporter learned that, Yancheng South police quickly after the alarm to control the man, as the press release, the man’s mood is still stable. The site of the incident is located at the BRT platform at the entrance of Kangle community, Jiefang South Road, Yancheng. "This man is crazy!" According to witnesses at the scene, at 9 o’clock, a man went to the middle of the road, in the middle of the road playing crazy, also dead lying in the road, seriously affect traffic order. And climb to the roof of a taxi, kicked the car roof and windscreen, will also pull the taxi door, a few cars were smashed him. Modern Express reporter saw from several videos, a naked man in the center of the road swaying, feet wearing white sports shoes, wearing black pants, do all kinds of exaggerated action, passing vehicles have to stop to avoid. See this case, the man climbed a parked taxi, jumped up on top of the treadmill, the top card of the taxi lamp trampled, and then kick the windshield crushed, the taxi driver abandoned the vehicle and scared to leave, see is not fun, the man also tried to pull off the door. In addition to the taxi, a private car was not spared. In the video, I saw the man climb a parked red car, standing on the windshield mengchuai, several passengers in the car too afraid, beside many onlookers have accused, and shouting "rushed to the police". "After we receive the alarm, we should go to the disposal as soon as possible." Yancheng city police told Modern Express reporter, they quickly went to the scene after receiving the alarm, the police officers will soon hit man’s control, and taken to the district police station, to avoid greater harm. According to preliminary police statistics, the man smashed 2 taxis and 1 private cars. "He has alcohol, whether or not to take drugs remains to be investigated." Police said that the man is still not clear, noisy in the police station, blood and urine can not be carried out, and so on, after awakening will take further measures. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original man in the middle of the road car smashed cars saw the police car flew retrograde to escape

盐城一男子马路中央公然砸3辆车 驾驶员弃车离开 9月22日晚上9点多钟,在盐城一闹市区的马路中央,一年轻男子做出了非常疯狂的举动:他裸露上身,爬上过路的汽车,然后采用脚踹的方式,砸坏了几辆汽车的前挡风玻璃,甚至要拽掉车门。现代快报记者了解得知,盐城城南警方接警后迅速将该男子控制,截止记者发稿时,该男子情绪仍未稳定。事发地点位于盐城解放南路康乐小区门口的BRT站台处。“这个人太疯狂了!”据现场的目击者介绍,晚上9点多钟,一男子跑到马路中央,在马路中间耍疯,还装死躺在路上,严重影响交通秩序。然后爬到一辆出租车的车顶,用脚踹汽车车顶和挡风玻璃,还将出租车门使劲拽,一连几辆车都被他砸坏了。现代快报记者从几段视频中看到,一上身裸露的男子在马路中央摇摇晃晃,脚穿白色运动鞋,下身着黑色裤子,做着各种夸张的动作,路过车辆纷纷停车避让。见此情形,该男子爬上一辆停下的出租车,跳起来踩踏车顶,将出租车的顶牌灯踩坏,再将挡风玻璃踹的粉碎,出租车驾驶员吓得弃车离开,见不过瘾,该男子还下车使劲拽车门。除了出租车外,一辆私家车也未能幸免。视频中,只见该男子爬上一辆停下的红色轿车,站在挡风玻璃上猛踹,车内的几名乘客吓得不敢吱声,旁边许多围观者纷纷指责,并喊叫着“赶紧报警”。“我们接警后以最快的速度前往处置。”盐城城南警方告诉现代快报记者,接到报警后他们迅速前往现场,几名警察很快将砸车的男子控制,并带往辖区派出所,避免了更大的危害。据警方初步统计,该男子共砸了2 辆出租车和1辆私家车。“他身上有酒气,是否吸毒还有待进一步调查。”警方表示,该男子仍然不清醒,在派出所里吵闹,抽血和取尿都无法进行,等其苏醒后将会采取进一步措施。扩展视频:与原文无关 男子马路中间拦车砸车 见到警车逆行飞奔欲逃走相关的主题文章: