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every time to Yunnan, there will be harvest. The red line, he said. Maitreya Keyi Town, East rhyme flowers, Yuanyang terrace, Hot pot; the meter gauge train, Jianshui, Double Dragon Bridge, Confucious’temple, Chaoyang floor houses, Zhu Tuan Shan garden, Zheng Ying, Shiping tofu, flower waist female dragon dance; Mengzi vermicelli, old barbecue. Only one state, so much. History, humanities, architecture, scenery. Those who come here can feel this is a broad and full of passion, deep and full of charm and magic, hauntingly happy indulge.


[Zheng camp]

is located in the town of Bao Zheng Ying Xiu, Shiping County, Honghe Prefecture, has more than and 600 years of history, known as "the first village of Yunnan". The village also maintained the original nine lanes of the old pattern of the three sides, the east-west direction of the stone road connected to several major building. Among them, as the representative of Chen ancestral hall Cheng hall, grand scale, complete pattern, a richly ornamented building painted sculpture, gilt, complex and delicate, exquisite, indescribable.

on the origin of Zheng camp, there is a story. It is said that the early Ming Dynasty, with a Yunnan army stationed in Mengzi’s Zhejiang Prefecture of Jinhua Pujiang County Zheng Taiwu, later in the Mengzi settlement. A few years later, the son of Zheng Taiwu Zheng Congshun moved from Mengzi to see the Red Stone Lake Shore Rui Pu Village yard, both the lake and lake, and will not be harmful, and fertile soil, and his family settled in Pu village.

Zheng Congshun will soon have large Pu village was renamed "Zheng ying". Hong Wuzhong later, Zhu Yuanzhang moved to Yunnan, "Chinese surname and millions of South, Central Plains Han migration to Yunnan. During this period, the Zheng family settled Zheng Ying and Chen Xing, surnamed Wu, surnamed Li, Zhang Jiangsu and Zhejiang Anhui Han immigration, Zheng Ying also became a multi surname Han inhabited the village.

former Zheng Ying like a complete Town, built around the walls, the four corners of the world each building has a gate door, southwest also has two floors of the fort." City built in Zheng, Chen, Wu as the ancestral surname. Now the wall is not in, but not in the fort, the ancestral hall in a jingdanban road to the East and the West are still preserved, and at the end of the newly built antique village door.

Zheng Ying in the most magnificent scale of the building is west of the village of Chen ancestral hall. The ancestral hall was built in 1925, on the north, 23.8 meters wide, the total depth of 52.1 meters, covers an area of 1240 square meters. The temple door arch, masonry structure, three bays, tile roof, door frame with masonry arch. During the cultural revolution, many buildings Zheng Ying are destroyed in different degrees, the ancestral hall is a witty villagers hung like Chairman Mao, just from destruction.