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Zhengzhou an SUV hit two people after the driver fled the surrender of Zhengzhou [Abstract] a woman driver driving off-road vehicles and Lianzhuang two escape after the accident, died. The deceased brother said the two men had wanted to take advantage of the weekend and his family dinner together, I did not expect his brother will be hit by the off-road vehicle hit dead. At noon, the driver gave himself up under pressure. Henan daily news (trainee reporter Yang Guifang) at 9:30 on November 18th Xu, in Zhengzhou through the open area by the North six road intersection with the intersection of the driver of the accident occurred at the intersection of Seventh Avenue, the accident occurred on the road between the. A cross-country vehicle hit two people fled. The accident resulted in one death and one injury. In the afternoon, the suspect surrendered under pressure. November 18th early in the morning, Mr. Zhu, Zhengzhou electric car ride to the vegetable market to buy food, on the road was driven by a cross-country vehicle hit, flying more than 10 meters away. Subsequently, the vehicle hit another electric car. Near a security guard on duty, when the vehicle speed is 100 daumet, when the accident happened loud. After hitting two electric vehicles, off-road vehicles quickly cross the intersection escape. 10:20 or so, Mr. Zhu’s brother and colleagues came to the scene of the accident. A staff member said that Mr. Zhu is a cafeteria chef, in order to prepare meals for the staff, he often go out to buy food by bike. Zhengzhou four traffic police brigade police investigators said, after a preliminary determination, Mr. Zhu died on the spot, the other a woman riding the electric car injured have been rushed to hospital. Police handling the case on the basis of field glass fragments, through the transfer of video surveillance, locked the suspect vehicle. At noon that day, the suspect vehicle was seized. According to the traffic police brigade four police on duty, the suspect song, this year, aged 37, is Zhengzhou Jinshui district. 18 at noon 1 pm, Ms. song under pressure to Zhengzhou city traffic police brigade accident squadron surrender four. (clues: Mr. Jiao; remuneration: 50 yuan; report the phone: 0371-86088666) according to the Zhengzhou evening news, November 18th, a "red Rover" in Zhengzhou through the open area by six North Road and seventh street intersection is hit by an electric car accelerated after the escape, then rushed to the emergency personnel determined to ride the man has no vital signs, the police were still on the accident investigation and handling. At 9:40 PM, through the open area by six North Road and seventh street intersection, an electric car hit after flying out of 10 meters after landing taxiing and hit parked on the road, a white Beiqi magic speed car battery broken off the ground scattered on the ground, cycling man poured in the vehicle lane road on. Call 110 and 120 passers-by, emergency personnel rushed to the scene of the ride started ambulance man, and quickly determined that this 40 year old man has lost vital signs, Zhengzhou four traffic police brigade police immediately got the trailer on the damaged electric car drag. Witnessed the accident of Mr. Cheng said that a "red Rover" from west to East rapidly approaching, almost close to their electric vehicles and passing, then rubbed in front of another electric car rushed forward, crossing the road the impact. "Dong" sound, the electric car flying out of ten meters, people lying on the ground motionless." Mr Cheng said that the "red suv".相关的主题文章: