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Zhou Bichang’s first exposure to sing the song ‘live sound preheat Zhou Bichang live singing Zhou Bichang Sina entertainment news on September 12th afternoon, Zhou Bichang [micro-blog] appeared in a live concert in Beijing, will she live in through personal rehearsal for users to bring fresh song. A live picture, Bibi makeup appearance, wearing a grey sweater half of the rolling ball head, full of street style. During the live broadcast of Bibi random singing adapted version of the "mouth" to show the charm of singing, although the debut for many years, but the concert is music song no slack. As the Super Girls Bibi debut, the first is to give users have adapted version of the "mouth", "pen’s music" to subvert the previous Lyric introverted style, more hip-hop rock flavor, users have a message, high over the rhythm "," cool "," going to the scene to listen to a call sing, then, intimate interaction between Bibi and friends. It is reported that the concert will build a new print stage with music to create a "1+1 > 2" effect, in strengthening the visual appeal and music blend play the greatest energy, let Boom+ become the absolute protagonist of the concert! Live in Bibi introduced lineup, it is reported that ACE music beam Qiaobai [micro-blog] will serve as the concert director, Leo Bibi and Liang Qiaobai Aries will produce what kind of spark? Asked about this and Bibi with what new experience, Liang quipped: singer is not the same, so the flowers in the world, the pen’s music with unique flavor; the artist teachers hold high the "BIBI" plate; drum teacher scholar Zhou Yi, music class elite is crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Live, Bibi sings the song revealed for the first time, Beijing Railway Station with a new song, will give fans a unique experience, devote yourself to the concert Bibi was friends known as the "magic leader", because it is full of "encore, rock blasting has full mouth", popular songs heard Wuli users the ears are gonna get pregnant.相关的主题文章: